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Best Practice

We have all been there – recruited the wrong person, neglected their on-boarding and integration, struggled to engage them and get the most out of them. No doubt most of you will have been on the receiving end.  The cost of attrition has been...


In 1993, Graeme Obree exploded to prominence when he broke the UCI World Hour Record on a bike he had built with parts scavenged from an old washing machine. He has since been the subject of two...

Best Practice

As we sell to our potential customers, we all wonder - what is really...


Whilst The Sales Club team were preparing for our event around EQ- Emotional Intelligence in Sales, we highlight ten insightful facts and ideas around Emotional Intelligence and why you should care…


We recently heard from Greg Searle MBE about his successes through self-belief. We learnt from his experiences throughout his sporting career and how our members can draw on what he experienced and apply it to the world...

The Open Championship 2016

Forge valuable new connections with your peers and strengthen existing ones, while enjoying world-class golf at The Open Championship 2016.  Enjoy VIP treatment as The Sales Club welcomes you to this quality venue with...


At our opening flagship event of the year, we heard from Simon Weston CBE. We hope that Simon inspired you to think differently about how the power of positivity can have a big impact on us in life and in business. Here...


In the build up to our first flagship event of 2016 with Simon Weston CBE, The Sales Club team has been reflecting upon what makes both business and military leaders successful.

Qualities of a successful...

Best Practice

At one of our recent leaders’ events, we heard from John Thorpe. The focus of the event was around resolutions and results. We also discussed competitive advantage. John shared with us this book, “Creating Competitive Advantage” by Jaynie Smith...

Best Practice

Looking for a more creative way to process your issues and challenges?

This short exercise will help you and your team to quickly and effectively deal with some of the challenges and issues that you face. The process...


We recently heard from our incredible panel of Entrepreneurs around how an entrepreneurial mind-set can help sales performance. Here, in no particular order are 30 ideas you can add to your own take-aways from the night

Tools & Techniques

This game-changing book will be published next year (May 2017) and represents the culmination of thousands of research and writing hours and interviews with salespeople representing some of the world’s most famous corporations.  It also...

  • Thanks to our wonderful host @maxinemawhinney for helping to launch our book. She facilitated a fascinating discuss… https://t.co/jdf6iPK0aH 1 day 21 hours ago
  • What an evening! Thanks to all our guests at the #ssclaunch. Coming soon to a business near you. 2 days 14 hours ago
  • Nature of nurture? “This book can genuinely help people to change their workplace beliefs and behaviours” #ssclaunch 2 days 15 hours ago
  • We’ve partnered with the Association of Professional Sales because it’s vital that orgs across the industry ‘sharpen their saw’ #ssclaunch 2 days 16 hours ago
  • “This book applies beyond sales, beyond business leadership, to every big issue which requires high performance” #ssclaunch 2 days 16 hours ago